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Darjat, Sumardi, Ajub Ajulian Zahra, Bambang Winardi, Mahmudda Mitra Anjarani, Indonesia

Baby monitoring in many baby incubators on the market today still use human labor, where nurses, doctors, or medical personnel monitor directly to the baby incubator's treatment room to provide medical action or directly review the condition of babies. In terms of information on the condition of the baby, the medical staff cannot monitor the development of the condition of the baby one by one at any time. Therefore, an HMI system is needed that can function to overcome problems in terms of monitoring, controlling, and data acquisition in the application of baby incubator medical equipment. In this study, a web-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) was designed for baby incubator prototypes that can facilitate medical staff in performing monitoring functions remotely in a control room. In this design using the ATmega16 microcontroller and ESP8266 wireless module. From this study, it was found that HMI can monitor well. The average time for sending data in offline mode is 12.25 seconds. The average time for sending data in online mode is 11.42 seconds. All features that are made are already running well. All data acquired on the HMI are in accordance with the data in the baby incubator sent to the database.

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