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The Implications and Impact Encountering Regulatory Policies in the Global Arena: Same Case, Different Outcomes Google, European Union, and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission

Racquel Brown Gaston, Mohamad Sepehri, Lukas Masopust, USA

In a global business environment many companies, especially the leaders of the industry, strive to establish a dominant market position and impose a formidable might against competitors in the field across the world. The prevailing economic power of these global business entities and their pervasive competitive strategies and practices has been scrutinized constantly by legal and regulatory bodies. The regulatory bodies have been put in place to ensure that consumers are protected from the deceptive tactics of these global business entities that are expected to adhere to fair and lawful competitive policies.
This paper examines two distinct, and yet, integrated issues regarding the implication of Google in an antitrust lawsuit. While the case is clearly a legal instance of dealing with the enforcement of the law and regulations, it also underlines the nature and implications of operating in an international business milieu.

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