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Rumanti Yuliasih, Prof. Dr. Suparno Eko Widodo and Prof. Dr. Makruf Akbar, M.Pd., Indonesia

This research aim is to evaluate the implementation of Kumon Method in Bekasi using CIPP (Context, Input, Process, Product) evaluation model and qualitative approach. The result of the research reveals that: 1) The Kumon Method is a learning method that students need, as well as the objectives of the Kumon Method according to the needs of the students. Nevertheless, there are still aspects of objectives that are less appropriate, namely in terms of the formation of a strong academic foundation and spirit of learning, 2) In the implementation of the Kumon Method, human resources, placement tests, subject matter and guidance methods become appropriate inputs for the implementation of the Kumon Method course, 3) Guidance to students and communication between Kumon Method instuctors with the student's parents shows the result has been in accordance with the evaluation criteria, 4) The realization of the objectives of the implementation of the Kumon Method course, namely the increased academic ability and the establishment of student independence have been in accordance with the criteria.

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