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Prof. Ronald K. Chepkilot, Kenya

In the past employers have shyed away from involving themselves in personal lifes of the employees. This has been based on the misguided view that the employees should not bring into the organisation issues partaining to their personal lifes. However in the recent past organizations have introduced employee counselling programmes as apart of a wider strategygy to enhance employee perfermance. Egerton University for example, recently introduced a counselling programme for its employees. Recent research work has indicated that what happens to the employees outside the organisation can affect their perfomance. People who are worried, stressed or upset because of problems in their personal lifes cannot automatically shelve these emotions and problems when they enter the organisation's premises. The paper argues that the problems that employees bring into the organization affects their concentaration at work and their productivity. The article discusses the significance and justification of counselling employees in organizations and why organizations should be involve in counselling. It also presents the process of introducing a counselling programme in the organization. The study is based on review of literature and empirical studies in the subject of employee counselling. This paper concludes that counselling employees is an idea whose time is here.

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