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MBAZOR, DAVID NGWOKE and Adebayo, Adedayo Michael, Nigeria

Building Industry from ages is highly dependent on Information. It is the key to effective and efficient delivery of projects to the clients. This is primarily due to the segregation of the industry into functional area with different people of varying skills. However, majority of construction business processes up till today are still heavily dependent upon traditional means of communication such as meetings, face -to- face, sign language and the exchange of paper documents in form of drawings, specifications, schedules and instructions. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) will provide construction firms with new opportunities for enhancing communication, data collection and manipulation, collaboration etc. The study involves survey of 50 number of construction stakeholders comprising project managers, clients, artisans, contractors etc. in ten (10) different construction sites in Abuja Nigeria. Descriptive statistics of percentages, frequencies and likert scale were adopted in the analysis of data collected. The study reveals that construction industry is one of the most information-dependent Organisations, characterised by diverse forms of information such as working drawings, photos, cost analysis chart, budget reports sheet, construction risk analysis sheet, etc. which need to be efficiently transmitted from one point to another in order to facilitate and aid construction activities. It further reveals that the non application of modern ICT tools has led to delay, cost overrun and reworks in projects. The study recommends that every construction organisation should endeavour to establish information management policy, through the application of modern ICT tools within the organisation to manage information flow.

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