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Aderibigbe, YinkaWasiu; Udo, Moses Atabo and Ekekezie Uchenna Charity, Nigeria

The production of building project is complex in nature, as it is associated with numerous activities, some of these activities are subject to changes. These changes require appropriate attention so as to avoid claims and counter claims. Change orders are usually issued to cover such variations in scope of work, material quantities, design errors, and unit rate changes Change order is one of the controversial issue in construction industries and require successful negotiations to avoid claims and possible litigation. It often have a serious consequence on the quality, time, and cost of projects. This paper aimed at investigating causes, effect and control of change order in construction. A total of sixty (60) questionnaires were distributed out of which forty eight (48) representing 80% were properly completed and returned. Data collected were organized and analyzed in consonance with the research questions. Frequency tables, weighted mean and ranking were used in the presentation and analysis of data. The results show that all the assessed indices obtained as "very high" with relative importance index (RII) of (RII > 0.80) were: 'Modification of plans by the client" and "Additional work by the client" as causes of change order. " Increase in project cost" and " adjustment in program of work" as effect of change order while " Engagement of qualified personals" and the use of 3D model project to detect" Errors during project design" were rated "as control for change order. The implementation and strict compliance with control measures highlighted in the research will go a long way in minimizing the occurrence of change order. The engagement of a consultant builder in every construction project must not be undermined, even at the design stage prior to commencement of actual production and during project construction

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